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Our immersion program offers the opportunity for you to stay with a Guatemalan family that has been carefully selected and qualified to receive people with a variety of needs and dietary requirements. The houses will be located in the surroundings of the school, so that the students do not have to travel long distances. In the family you will find a pleasant and comfortable environment where you can enjoy the rich Guatemalan culinary culture, 3 foods meals will be offered per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week, except Sundays. The menu offered will be varied within the traditional Guatemalan menu, among the most consumed foods are corn, beans, eggs, bananas, chicken and beef, and a wide variety of fruits. Allergies and other food intolerances will always be taken into account. Requests or preferences will be attended. This opportunity will allow them to get to know the Guatemalan culinary culture prepared by local hands. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to practice your Spanish outside of class. A private room will be offered, the bathroom is usually shared, sometimes with the family and other times only between the students living in the house. Wi-Fi will be offered free of charge.

Stay in one of the apartments that local families offer us to be rented during your stay. They are apartments with between one and two bedrooms, with all the supplies for your stay, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and dining room. They are located in the surroundings of the school, between 10-15 minutes on foot. Ask us for more information.

Tell us if you want to stay in a hotel and we can advise you on the search for the best value for money.


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