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About Us

We are an agency in charge of organizing and offering study programs in the Spanish language based on cultural and social immersion. What does this mean?, It means the student will be housed with a local family which will help them with the teaching of the language and last but not least, we promise you will enjoy a memorable experience from the first moment of arrival in Guatemala.

What we offer

We have all facilities for teaching face-to-face classes to each of the students. As well as providing a pleasant accommodation during your stay.

Class Facilities and Accommodation

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Recreational activities

They will take place during the week. Understanding that the classes will be taught in the morning, during the week different types of activities will be planned, such as excursions to volcanoes, lagoons, hot springs, cenotes, beaches and other natural places in the area. Cultural visits will be made in order to understand the Mayan culture and its importance in Guatemalan society today.



Route through the typical monuments of the city

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